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Great Work!!!

"I have to give a huge thank you and appreciation for my brother and local attorney Marco Sanchez for the legal work he performed for us involving a sub par home inspection that was done prior to purchasing our current home. He negotiated hard for a fair and reasonable amount and was successful, which was over 70x more than what was initially offered by the home inspector’s insurance company. Great work!!! Highly recommended."

—E.S. in New Braunfels, TX

Highly Recommend

"Marco Sanchez local attorney was professional, and did a great job handling my case. He handled my case efficiently, and kept me informed thru out the process. I would highly recommend."

—F.R. in New Braunfels, TX

An Attorney Who is There for You

"Marco’s understanding of the legal process certainly helped my corner and in the end, everything was agreed upon without having to fight it out in court. I walked away with a fair deal I felt comfortable with and neither side gained or lost more than they should. That in the end, that is what it is about, having an Attorney who is there for you can save you from being taken advantage of, even in the most dire situations."

—J.M. in Houston, TX