Business Law

The Law Office of Marco Sanchez, P.C. represents individuals needing to establish their business or that already have an established business. I take a proactive stance on insuring that my clients create and run their business with a foundation that looks at the legal and tax ramifications. The formation of a business requires many complex forms and agreements that need to be examined and explained thoroughly. My office assists established business’s comply with state law and also represents them in their legal needs.

Business Formation

Choosing the correct business entity is imperative when starting a business. My office will examine the nature of your business and create a plan for you that not only examines the liability aspects, but also the tax ramifications and we educate you on your decision so that you can explain that to your tax professional.

Drafting Services

Having the appropriate documents when you file your business is important, but having the internal documents is more important when dealing with third parties. If you have filed the necessary documents with the state but have not drafted your Bylaws/Operating Agreement/Partnership Agreement, our office will custom draft documents that fit your business needs.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Doing business with other people is always beneficial for growth and stability. Unexpected events happen in our lives so we need to insure that our business partners and the business itself is protected. Whether that be divorce, death, lawsuits, or an exit strategy, it is important to proactively create an agreement for the owners to protect each other from events that happen in one another’s life. My firm will custom draft these documents to the owners needs and business plan.